Hyde y Jackie

Being Jackie and Hyde. No Kelso, no fake stripper wife, no Fez in the picture. #that 70s show #jackie and hyde #hyde and jackie #jackie x hyde #hyde x jackie. 308 notes. that70sshowconfessions-blog. #Donna Pinciotti #hyde and jackie #that 70s show. 326 notes. wintersolos. I'm proud of how many people ship Hyde and Jackie, seriously. It makes my ... Jackie& Hyde is a relationship on the FOX comedy That'70s Show, portrayed by Mila Kunis and Danny Masterson. Zenmasters is the pairing between Jackie Burkhart and Steven Hyde, named after Hyde's lessons to Jackie about how to be Zen in 'Cat Fight Club'. Their numerous fans call themselves 'Zennies' and have since the original airing of 'Cat Fight Club'. Theirs is arguably the most popular ship ... Jackie Hyde We found 100+ results for Jackie Hyde in Alabama, Arizona, and 38 other states. People Search, Background Checks, Criminal Records, Contact Information, Public Records & More say what you will, but jackie burkhart looking at hyde, a dude who’s been in and out of prison, constantly gets into fights and wants to destroy the government, and deciding to call him ‘puddin’ pop’ is a powermove . #that 70s show #zenmasters #jackie x hyde #jackie burkhart #steven hyde. Find Jackie Hyde for free! Get current address, cell phone number, email address, relatives, friends and a lot more. We're 100% free for everything! The third result is Jackie Ann Hyde age 50s in Opp, AL. They have also lived in Dothan, AL and Cary, IL. Jackie is related to Brittany Deanne Boyett and Robert Walter Boyett as well as 3 additional people. Select this result to view Jackie Ann Hyde's phone number, address, and more. Also known as Jackie Y Hyde, Jackqueline Y Spitz, Jacqueline Y Spitz, Jacqueline Y Hyde, Jackqueli Y Spitz, Jackquelin Spitz. Includes Address(10) Phone(4) Email(1) See Results. Jackie Byrd, 62. Resides in Beaverton, OR. Lived In Ocala FL, Bend OR, Hillsboro OR, Titusville FL.

Characters Archetype discussion (Using Heroes and Heroines- 16 Master Archetypes by Cowden, LaFever, and Viders)

2020.09.18 21:14 annieisaverage Characters Archetype discussion (Using Heroes and Heroines- 16 Master Archetypes by Cowden, LaFever, and Viders)

I was hoping to find people who have this book/are familiar with the archetypes, because I'd like to discuss what some popular character archetypes are. Hoping to get a little discussion going...below I have posted some popular shows/characters.
Below are the main arche-type names. You need the book for the descriptions. Each one has multiple iterations.
Male: Chief, bad boy, lost soul, charmer, swashbuckler, professor, best friend, warrior
Female: Boss, Free spirit, seductress, librarian, waif, crusader, spunky kid, nurturer
--Possible discussions (if anyone is interested and has the book/knows the arche-types):
Sex and the City main characters (Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte)
Fresh Prince main characters (Will, Carlton, Phil Banks, Ashley Banks, Hillary Banks)
That 70's show main characters (Donna, Jackie, Hyde, Fez, Kelso, Eric)
Big Bang Theory main characters (Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Bernadette, Penny, Amy)
Seinfeld main characters (Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine)
George Lopez Show main characters (George, Angie, Max, Ernie, Benny)
Friends main characters (Ross, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe)
Hopefully I posted ONE show that you are familiar with. Feel free to post other show suggestions in the comments...if I even get a single person interested that is lol
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2020.09.15 13:52 MrsShawnHunter May the best couple win

If Jackie and Hyde wins again I’m gonna flip and not in a good way.
View Poll
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2020.09.12 06:30 hpspnmag Have you seen these "[character] once said" edits circulating on Twitter?

Jackie Burkhart once said...
Steven Hyde once said...
Leo once said...
Kitty Forman once said...
Red Forman once said...
Bob once said...
Laurie Forman once said...
Eric Forman once said...
Donna Pinciotti once said...
Fez once said...
Michael Kelso once said...
Edit to add: Midge once said...
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2020.09.12 01:46 fabyhoppus Hyde and Donna

Yes right, Jackie and Hyde were cute together but what do yall think bout Donna and Hyde? I think they were cute too
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2020.09.11 18:12 RNZack Current United States senators.

35 senate seats are facing an election this year. Here's the lot we currently have.

Collins, Susan M. Maine Republican Election this year (toss up)
Gardner, Cory Colorado Republican Election this year (toss up)
Daines, Steve Montana Republican Election this year (toss up)
Tillis, Thom North Carolina Republican Election this year (toss up)
Ernst, Joni Iowa Republican Election this year (toss up)
McSally, Martha Arizona Republican Special Election this year
Loeffler, Kelly Georgia Republican Special Election this year
Sasse, Ben Nebraska Republican Election this year
Perdue, David Georgia Republican Election this year
Graham, Lindsey South Carolina Republican Election this year
Sullivan, Dan Alaska Republican Election this year
McConnell, Mitch Kentucky Republican Election this year (Senate Majority Leader)
Hyde-Smith, Cindy Mississippi Republican Election this year
Inhofe, James M. Oklahoma Republican Election this year
Rounds, Mike South Dakota Republican Election this year
Risch, James E. Idaho Republican Election this year
Roberts, Pat Kansas Republican Election this year
Enzi, Michael B. Wyoming Republican Election this year
Cotton, Tom Arkansas Republican Election this year
Cassidy, Bill Louisiana Republican Election this year
Cornyn, John Texas Republican Election this year
Capito, Shelley Moore West Virginia Republican Election this year
Alexander, Lamar Tennessee Republican Election this year
Merkley, Jeff Oregon Democrat Election this year
Peters, Gary C. Michigan Democrat Election this year
Reed, Jack Rhode Island Democrat Election this year
Markey, Edward J. Massachusetts Democrat Election this year
Shaheen, Jeanne New Hampshire Democrat Election this year
Smith, Tina Minnesota Democrat Election this year
Jones, Doug Alabama Democrat Election this year
Durbin, Richard J. Illinois Democrat Election this year
Udall, Tom New Mexico Democrat Election this year
Coons, Christopher A. Delaware Democrat Election this year
Booker, Cory A. New Jersey Democrat Election this year
Warner, Mark R. Virginia Democrat Election this year

Bennet, Michael F. Colorado Democrat Election in 2022
Blumenthal, Richard Connecticut Democrat Election in 2022
Blunt, Roy Missouri Republican Election in 2022
Boozman, John Arkansas Republican Election in 2022
Burr, Richard North Carolina Republican Election in 2022
Cortez Masto, Catherine Nevada Democrat Election in 2022
Crapo, Mike Idaho Republican Election in 2022
Duckworth, Tammy Illinois Democrat Election in 2022
Grassley, Chuck Iowa Republican Election in 2022
Harris, Kamala D. California Democrat Election in 2022 (the governor will pick someone new)
Hassan, Margaret Wood New Hampshire Democrat Election in 2022
Hoeven, John North Dakota Republican Election in 2022
Johnson, Ron Wisconsin Republican Election in 2022
Kennedy, John Louisiana Republican Election in 2022
Lankford, James Oklahoma Republican Election in 2022
Leahy, Patrick J. Vermont Democrat Election in 2022
Lee, Mike Utah Republican Election in 2022
Moran, Jerry Kansas Republican Election in 2022
Murkowski, Lisa Alaska Republican Election in 2022
Murray, Patty Washington Democrat Election in 2022
Paul, Rand Kentucky Republican Election in 2022
Portman, Rob Ohio Republican Election in 2022
Rubio, Marco Florida Republican Election in 2022
Schatz, Brian Hawaii Democrat Election in 2022
Schumer, Charles E. New York Democrat Election in 2022 (Senate Minority Leader)
Scott, Tim South Carolina Republican Election in 2022
Shelby, Richard C. Alabama Republican Election in 2022
Thune, John South Dakota Republican Election in 2022
Toomey, Patrick J. Pennsylvania Republican Election in 2022
Van Hollen, Chris Maryland Democrat Election in 2022
Wyden, Ron Oregon Democrat Election in 2022
Young, Todd Indiana Republican Election in 2022

Baldwin, Tammy Wisconsin Democrat Election in 2024
Barrasso, John Wyoming Republican Election in 2024
Warren, Elizabeth Massachusetts Democrat Election in 2024
Whitehouse, Sheldon Rhode Island Democrat Election in 2024
Murphy, Christopher Connecticut Democrat Election in 2024
Wicker, Roger F. Mississippi Republican Election in 2024
Tester, Jon Montana Democrat Election in 2024
Sanders, Bernard Vermont Independent Election in 2024
Stabenow, Debbie Michigan Democrat Election in 2024
Menendez, Robert New Jersey Democrat Election in 2024
Sinema, Kyrsten Arizona Democrat Election in 2024
Blackburn, Marsha Tennessee Republican Election in 2024
Braun, Mike Indiana Republican Election in 2024
Brown, Sherrod Ohio Democrat Election in 2024
Cantwell, Maria Washington Democrat Election in 2024
Romney, Mitt Utah Republican Election in 2024
Rosen, Jacky Nevada Democrat Election in 2024
Cardin, Benjamin L. Maryland Democrat Election in 2024
Carper, Thomas R. Delaware Democrat Election in 2024
Casey, Robert P., Jr. Pennsylvania Democrat Election in 2024
Cramer, Kevin North Dakota Republican Election in 2024
Cruz, Ted Texas Republican Election in 2024
Feinstein, Dianne California Democrat Election in 2024
Fischer, Deb Nebraska Republican Election in 2024
Gillibrand, Kirsten E. New York Democrat Election in 2024
Hawley, Josh Missouri Republican Election in 2024
Heinrich, Martin New Mexico Democrat Election in 2024
Hirono, Mazie K. Hawaii Democrat Election in 2024
King, Angus S., Jr. Maine Independent Election in 2024
Klobuchar, Amy Minnesota Democrat Election in 2024
Kaine, Tim Virginia Democrat Election in 2024
Manchin, Joe, III West Virginia Democrat Election in 2024
Scott, Rick Florida Republican Election in 2024

Here is a PDF, it is easier to read.
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2020.09.08 19:35 enough_space The season 5 finale was the last episode I watched before the show got pulled from Netflix, and I'm starting to think that it would have made an almost perfect series finale.

I've had a day to reflect on the last episode of the show that I watched, and how the story actually wraps up kind of perfectly at the end of season 5. The show up until this point has been a coming-of-age story, focused on the carefree years of youth, first loves, first parties, and figuring out life, all while making it through high school. Now the gang has graduated high school, and the youthful energy of the show becomes less certain. Life will be moving onto the next chapter. Eric and Donna have had a few seasons of ups and downs, and end up together at the end. Jackie decides not to be with Hyde nor Kelso, freeing them both to move on and pursue other love interests. Fez marries Laurie. (although this is obviously a sham marriage, it somehow seems like a fitting ending for both characters.) The glaring exception would be Red's heart attack, though I believe the ambiguity of Red surviving would be kind of an interesting, dark ending. Like, not everything has to be perfectly spelled out for an ending to be good (looking at you, Sopranos). Anyway, that's my take. Fingers crossed that Hulu picks it up.
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2020.09.07 02:39 SansSlut Something that slightly bothers me

I KNOW it’s just a sitcom, so don’t give me that. It’s just kind of annoying how Kelso was all upset about Hyde and Jackie, saying he “broke the code” when he hits on Donna in most, if not all, episodes. If he could, he would have stolen her from Eric.
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2020.09.07 01:37 stardust_331 Which episode is each character the sexiest in?

Before the show's off netflix:( here's my list
Eric: Eric's Corvette Caper
Donna: Pilot
Kelso: Eric's Naughty No-No (where he plays with the dogs)
Hyde: Jackie Bags Hyde
Jackie: Join Together
Fez: not sure but maybe That Disco Episode
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2020.09.07 01:11 skybluesky_ Unpopular opinion: Kelso is the worst person out of all of the teens

I've been rewatching before the show goes off Netflix and I've just started to notice this more. He cheated on Jackie a million times with many different girls and is furious when she kisses another guy once after she's forgiven him for all he's done, he tries to grope Donna constantly, he dates Laurie after Jackie catches him with her and thinks he's still entitled to getting her back, and he just generally is selfish without almost ever putting anyone else first. Because he's naive, comic relief and can be scared easily unlike a character like Hyde his true personality isn't as obvious, but it's still there. Jackie and Hyde both have moments of incredible selflessness and show they care about their friends deep down, Eric and Donna are *generally* good people, and although Fez becomes a total pervert after season 4 before that he seems to care about others and is rarely mean or selfish to anyone. But Kelso only seems to care about himself but it's mostly hidden with jokes so it's harder to notice. He has some growth in season 6 (he does take responsibility with Brooke and get Jackie and Hyde back together) but he goes right back to the same selfish character in season 7. He's not a bad character for comic reasons, but I don't understand why people shit on Donna, Jackie and Hyde for not being great people (even if yeah, they're not perfect) when Kelso is far worse. Basically the fact that he's the first one to leave his friends when they dine and dash says everything.
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2020.09.06 21:51 eribirchh So some of the acting really isn’t that great

Most of the main actors on the show have good moments, but a lot of the acting on the show isn’t great.
Some, (like Kitty, Red, Hyde, and Kelso) were really great and stood out in the show, but others (Eric and Donna mostly) just weren’t all that.
I think their comedic timing was pretty good; it was their facial expressions and inability to keep a straight face after a joke (Donna and Jackie) that kind of break the magic.
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2020.09.06 15:39 whataburnout That 70s Show season 8 is actually halfway decent.

Now, I still think it’s the worst season of the show. New writers, Eric and Kelso left, all of that still takes a toll on the show. I watched the show for the first time over a year ago and kind of agreed with everyone else that “season 8 SUCKS!” “i HATE Randy!” and so on. I just finished rewatching it because Netflix is taking it off, and here’s why I think season 8 is...good?
1) Randy is actually a really good character. I don’t agree with the people who think he’s a mix of Eric and Kelso, because he really isn’t that dumb, and his sarcasm is different than Eric’s. He has a really likable quality, and Josh Meyers’ performance of the character is great. The only two critiques I have for him: first, he’s not Eric or Kelso. But I don’t feel like you can reasonably hold that against him. Of course he isn’t Eric or Kelso. I would take those two in a heartbeat over Randy, but I feel like season 8 would have had a lot of dead space without the introduction of a new character. Second, he doesn’t mesh that well with the group. His one-on-one interactions weren’t bad, but when the whole group was together, it just felt like he was sort of...there. But I think that really just brings me back to my first point: he’s not Eric or Kelso. The awkward dynamic is kind of interesting to watch sometimes.
2) Eric really isn’t that much of a jerk. I mean, yes, he went to Africa without asking Donna about it (am I the only one that thinks that’s super unlike his personality? the going to Africa part, I mean), but she comes to terms with it, so everything feels sorted out. Then, he calls his mom instead of her, but if I were in his place, I would have a hard time choosing who to call. I think his not calling was him realizing that they just needed to move on. If you’ve been in a relationship, you’ve done the exact same distancing, or had it done to you. It’s really no different here. They had already been so on-again, off-again, especially on the commitment level, that it made sense they broke up.
3) The writing isn’t terrible. You can tell a difference, and is definitely lower quality than previous seasons, but the writers held most of the characters’ personalities intact. This time watching, I really tried to pay close attention to the writing, but the only characters I notice differences in is Donna and Fez. Donna may be because Eric is gone and she uses Randy as a rebound, and Fez is hooking up with girls every second. Otherwise, the writing is fine. Not great, not terrible, just fine.
4) Eric and Donna’s relationship ending in uncertainty was the way to do it. They kissed and all, but there was no confirmation of them getting back together. Almost every season finale, something happened that made their future uncertain: Eric going to Africa, Eric bailing on the marriage, them breaking up, etc. Ending it this way made it not have the “perfect fairytale ending”, which I really appreciate, because they knew things were different, and they didn’t know what was going to happen. I feel this ending is more satisfying, and lets us decide how the future will play out.
The only TRUE complaint I have about season 8 is that they broke Hyde and Jackie up and put Jackie with Fez. Hyde and Jackie’s relationship was a lot more uneventful than i remembered, but they truly had an opposites attract dynamic that made them work. I would have much rather seen them sort out the Hyde-Jackie-Kelso fiasco, have Hyde not go to Vegas, and maybe even have a wedding at the season 8 finale. Regardless of how they did it, they deserved to be endgame. Jackie and Fez, although it sort of made sense, had nowhere near the same dynamic. Fez’s hooking up with tons of girls didn’t really bother me in this season, but I don’t think he deserved Jackie after taking that attitude towards women, and even dating Caroline before her.
In summary, I think season 8 was good. Not great or amazing like the other seasons, but not terrible. The show was due to be wrapped up, but ending it at season 7 would have been too soon. They still had stories to wrap up, and had to give some sort of conclusion about Eric and Donna. I don’t think it deserves the hate it gets from people, especially Randy. It’s a decent conclusion to an amazing show.
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2020.09.05 19:43 cyanocobalamin I finally watched Season 8

I originally watched the show when it came out. I didn't care much for television so I never owned one. When I moved I stopped watching it and I had the impression it was only 2 seasons long.
About a year ago I was please to discover it had 8 seasons and I started a rewatch.
I got attached to Hyde's and Jackie's romance. Topher Grace and Ashton Krutcher left the show. So, I skipped Season 8.
Enough time passed, and a few weeks ago I started watching an episode a day of Season 8.
It was not half bad!
I even came to like Randy better than Eric.
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2020.09.03 08:02 HELLDREAMER999 Dude, I know the standard for "friends" were different then, But damn Hyde is really a bad friend.

I can make my claim without even mentioning the Donna and hyde thing.
Hyde calls the older daughter a whore almost constantly, is constantly getting Eric in trouble(getting him super drunk,withholding info, putting him in toxic and uncool situations) took jackies side after she wrecked his van, took Donnas side after Eric dumped her, is constantly making Eric the butt of his jokes(especially after his 1st Donna break up). Everybody claims he took the fall for Jackie but remember that he had Jackie under his wing at that moment. I wouldn't be surprised if Jackie was buying the dope... TO SMOKE WITH HIM.
Like bro, let's not even start with how he does his childhood friend kelso ... kelso clearly wasn't a stud until high school as we see in season 3 he had a freckle face and retainer. But of course, Hyde always tries to make kelso feel terrible about cheating (which was wayyy less terrible in high school) when jackie costantly bosses him around and tells him that he's fucking dumb. when all hyde does is act like he's not living in Eric's basement. Point is , I'm glad he's there and he's kind of funny but id do without the burn out stoner poser rebel archetype.....THOSE ARE THE BEST FRIENDS TO HAVE ...
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2020.08.31 01:42 whataburnout Here's how I think That 70s Show should have ended.

-In a perfect world, there would only be 7 seasons. Season 7 was seeing a slow decline, and it felt like it was time for the story to wrap up. Season 8 felt like a drag-out, made even worse by the loss of two main characters and a subpar replacement (in all seriousness, I don't hate Randy as a character. He just didn't mesh well with the group and was a disappointment compared to Kelso or Eric).
-Hyde and Jackie should have been endgame. They could have left the Jackie going to Chicago/Hyde ultimately deciding to propose/Kelso walking into the motel room naked fiasco (minus Hyde going to Vegas), but it gets sorted out eventually and they end up together.
-Assuming an imperfect world scenario (aka season 8 happened), Eric and Donna should not have ended up together. Season 8 Eric was an asshole. He did not deserve Donna after that. It would also break the "always a happy ending" trope in shows, which I honestly really appreciate when a show does that. Assuming a perfect world scenario, Eric comes this close to going to Africa, but realizes being with Donna is more important, so he ends up staying behind (they could have pulled the "I'm leaving and going to the airport, and everyone watching thinks I left but just kidding, I come back at the very end", and tbh I hate those, but it would have worked here and would have been better than the original season 8 alternative).
-Kelso should still leave for Chicago. That move in season 8, although it took another huge hit to the show, showed great character development. In a perfect world, he shouldn't leave until the very end of the finale, but still be recognized for doing that.
-Fez would finally end up with someone, ending his constantly sex-hungry dilemma (and this is probably a super unpopular opinion, but I think a Fez and Laurie "reunion" would be hilarious)
There are a few other minor things that I would change as well, but I want to know what you guys think!
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2020.08.30 07:29 likelycrying They never talked about it on the show specifically...

So we all know how Kelso, Jackie, Donna, Eric and Fez lost their virginity, but what about Hyde? They never talk about his first time
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2020.08.29 19:43 eli454 Everyone in season 8

Jackie:So desperate to have a boyfriend she decides she wants to be in a relationship with Fez a guy who she constantly rejected through seasons 1 to 7 and gets angry when he rejects her for once.
Eric:Gone to Africa,breaks up with Donna over the phone
Kitty:Blames Donna for Eric and leaving Wisconsin and for breaking up with her.Slut shames her for trying to move on.
Fez:Throughout season 1 to 7 wanted to have sex AND be in a meaningful relationship but is now having one night stands every single night and creeps in Donna’s closet.
Hyde:Could of had a happy relationship with Jackie and could have even married her but instead he went to Vegas,got drunk and married a stranger. Instead of immediately divorcing her he stayed in this marriage because she was a stripper but then it was revealed she was already married to someone else.
Micheal:Left Wisconsin to live in Chicago to help provide for his child and Brooke.King👑
Donna:Makes out with her new boyfriend in her ex’s bedroom. Disrespectful.
Randy:Gets a job at Hyde’s record shop and is seen as a replacement for both Eric and Micheal(which he was).Very unfunny,everytime he made a joke I rolled my eyes HARD.
Red:Exactly the same. We love consistency.
Basically almost all of them developed terribly.They should of just stopped the show at season 7.
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2020.08.29 00:51 thebrideofmcsteve 20f - the universe said it’s my turn with the serotonin, can you give it to me now? ♡

hi! I get a bit lonely especially during these times. and when I get lonely, I tend to get in my head and that's not the best place to always be. talking to my irl friends isn't really enough for me at the moment so I’m just branching out here a bit.
a bit about me: I’m a libra if that matters, I love waffles, Shrek 2 and Spirited Away are my favourite films, not to brag but I know a total of seven words in Dutch, I get a tad anxious and have some trouble with understanding social cues, I’ve been listening to mostly Beach House and In Love With A Ghost songs for the past 7 days, I’m a bad texter and I suck at pvp on minecraft.
usually I’d be busy with uni but now that it's summer, I have a lot more free time on my hands and I spend most of my day wondering why they never let Jackie and Hyde end up together or what tide pods taste like so it'd be nice to spend that time talking to a new person or people, either texting or in calls. maybe we can just talk, or you can vent as I’m a good listener but I also give inadequate advice so don't expect any from me. we could watch videos together, listen to music, netflix party, join a mc server together or have stardew valley dates, draw together, maybe even do a yogabyadriene's yoga session together or talk whilst we both go out on walks. or we don't have to do any of these things if they don't interest you. I’m also interested in getting to know you and what you would like from our friendship. I mostly use snapchat and discord, ft and imessage works too.
if you're interested just shoot me a message and we can see if we get along. otherwise have a good day ♡
p.s. everyone is welcome regardless of gender or timezone but i am only looking for people my age or older please. thanks
p.s.s. please message me like we’re already friends. an intro to you would be nice but faking familiarity is more endearing than a simple hi, how are you. and if you’re about one word answers like ‘yup’ ‘ok’ ‘hmm’, then I’m not really interested. my little old back will get tired from carrying the conversation and my chiropractor will milk me dry so please don’t.
p.s.s.s. if you’re racist, homophobic or pro-trump then stay away! <3
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2020.08.28 19:55 autobuzzfeedbot 27 TV And Movie Characters Who Didn't Get The Romantic Endings They Deserved

  1. Rachel could have done way better than Ross in Friends.
  2. Katniss would have been better off by herself in The Hunger Games.
  3. Serena and Nate were clearly the better couple in Gossip Girl.
  4. Ted getting together with Robin at the end of How I Met Your Mother was so messed up.
  5. Katara and Zuko would have balanced each other out perfectly in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  6. Bonnie should have gotten her happy ending with Enzo in The Vampire Diaries.
  7. Hermione was way too good for Ron in Harry Potter.
  8. Shawn and Angela showed us what true love looked like in Boy Meets World.
  9. Mia and Sebastian not ending up together in La La Land was a huge disappointment.
  10. Callie and Arizona were meant to be in Grey's Anatomy.
  11. Jess helped Rory grow as a person in Gilmore Girls, and that's so important.
  12. In To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Lara Jean and John Ambrose were obviously the ideal match.
  13. Stefan and Elena made way more sense in The Vampire Diaries.
  14. Archie and Betty from Riverdale would have made all our high school fantasies come true.
  15. Sam and Mercedes were the cutest couple on Glee.
  16. Hayley and Andy had the cutest vibes on Modern Family.
  17. Missandei and Grey Worm were a glimmer of hope in the dark world of Game of Thrones.
  18. In Grey's Anatomy, Alex deserting Jo to run back to Izzie destroyed his character arc.
  19. Jackie and Hyde from That '70s Show clearly belonged together.
  20. Jess and Sam had sooo much chemistry in New Girl, and we deserved to see that play out.
  21. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow moving on from Tara's murder with Kennedy was a mistake.
  22. Peyton and Jake were such a pure couple in One Tree Hill.
  23. In Scandal, Jake brought out the best in Olivia.
  24. Veronica and Reggie's relationship in Riverdale was more meaningful than her lust for Archie.
  25. Laurie and Jo should have gotten together in Little Women.
  26. Jane and Michael were perfect together in Jane the Virgin.
  27. And Black Widow and Captain America would have given us a truly epic romance.
Link to article
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2020.08.28 02:09 nitrozelda Season 4 makes almost all the characters look bad

Donna and Eric were terrible to each other and extremely toxic post-breakup (the Pricemart Ball episode is probably the worst episode in the season)
Jackie cheats on Kelso, after Kelso is a jerk to Jackie
The whole gang makes Jackie feel terrible and Eric blackmails her when she cheats, but spent all of Season 2 protecting Kelso when he had an entirely different girlfriend on the side.
Hyde and Fez were fine, I guess, albeit Hyde was a bit boring and this was the last season where Fez wasn’t a total extreme pervert.
Bob is probably the most insufferable (which makes sense as Midge has just left, but still)
In conclusion, other than S8, S4 is the worst season, maybe tied with S7
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2020.08.25 19:23 Faeliixx The parents ranked best to worst

This is how I think they all rank (explanation below)
  1. Red and Kitty
  2. Hyde's bio dad
  3. Bob and Midge
  4. Kelso's parents
  5. Jackie's parents
  6. Hyde's mom and the dude she said was Hyde's dad
Gonna leave Fez's parents out because we never saw them and I don't want to speculate.
I think we can all agree that Red and Kitty are the best. I think they try the hardest and genuinely care, even if they have disagreements. Hyde's real dad seemed like a cool guy, very responsible, and it seems like he just straight up was not told about Hyde so his absence is justified, but he missed Hyde's childhood and that affected him for sure. Bob and Midge are third because while they have significant flaws, Donna turned out okay. She clearly was very aware of the fact that her home life wasn't great, and it was hard to know how bad it was considering that Bob and Midge were generally pretty jovial throughout the show. Next are Kelso's parents, because of the way that Casey treated Donna, and Kelso's penchant for being pretty destructive and his constant cheating on Jackie. Can only imagine what his parents are like. Then I thought Jackie's parents were next because they straight up abandoned her, and Pam never seemed to really care about Jackie. And obviously (I feel) are Hyde's parents last. He's told some pretty sad stories from his childhood, and that's just a small snippet. The Foreman's had to drag him out of his abandoned house :(. Hyde always seemed like a pretty nice guy, I always felt so bad for him.
What do you guys think? Am I missing anyone?
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2020.08.24 06:14 Patient_Hotel8901 List of relationships in the show (romance)

My list of couples:
Worst) Donna and Randy Honorable Mentions) Fez and Nina Red and Stacey (S4 E10) Kelso and Angie Fez and Jackie Bob and Joanne Kelso and Annette. Fez and Big Rhonda. Donna and Casey 10) Brooke and Kelso 9) Fez and Caroline 8) Hyde and Samantha 7) Bob and Pam 6) Kelso and Laurie 5) Hyde and Jackie 4) Bob and Midge 3) Kelso and Jackie 2) Eric and Donna 1) Red and Kitty
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2020.08.22 03:59 fluffycakesistainted Donna was a bad friend

Anyone else think the Donna and Jackie “friendship” was very one sided?
I think Jackie gave way more than she got in return. I know it was a reluctant friendship in the beginning, but even in the later seasons, Donna seemed to only tolerate Jackie and never really was there for her when she needed. Whereas Jackie genuinely cared for Donna (aside from her common jokes about Donna being tall) and showed it by always standing by her side (especially through her relationship troubles with Eric) and comforting her. When Jackie’s mom left, Donna made a stink about having to put up with Jackie as a roommate despite knowing what it feels like to be without a mom. She gave her a rough time for hooking up with Hyde. But never gave either Hyde or Kelso a rough time for cheating on her. Whenever Eric hurt Donna though, Jackie was furious on her behalf. Jackie seemed to really value the friendship while Donna always seem to act like they were just people forced to be around each other.
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Jackie & Hyde  Animal - YouTube Jackie + Hyde  Over You - YouTube Jackie & Hyde - 5x19 - YouTube Jackie & Hyde - 7x12 - YouTube Jackie And Hyde - The Best Moments - YouTube Jackie and Hyde  Fools - YouTube Jackie & Hyde - 5x23 - YouTube

Jackie Hyde, Florida (22 matches): Phone Number, Email ...

  1. Jackie & Hyde Animal - YouTube
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  7. Jackie & Hyde - 5x23 - YouTube

Jackie Burkhart & Steven Hyde scenes from That '70s Show. Jackie and Hyde break up. Hyde tells Jackie he loves her. ***I do not own anything. All the rights ... Jackie Burkhart & Steven Hyde scenes from That '70s Show. ***I do not own anything. All the rights belong to authors of That '70s Show. Copyright Disclaimer ... HD really does make a difference! :D lol sorry i dont post more, guys. i see youtubers who post like every other day and im like '????? how ????? pls teach m... Jackie And Hyde - The Best Moments (part 1) thats 70 show song miley cirus - simple song los mejores momentos de jackie y hyde la mejor pareja de aquellos ma... 'Maybe if I tell myself enough...Maybe if I do...' Watch in HD Hi guys! I promised angst on my next outing, so...you're welcome? lol I love this song so much... Watch in HD ***** I know I promised Stydia Videos but I can't help it when I have an obsession. These guys are one of m... Jackie Burkhart & Steven Hyde scenes from That '70s Show. Jackie and Hyde break up. ***I do not own anything. All the rights belong to authors of That '70s S...